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We utilize the patented Pure Maintenance Mold Removal Portland Oregon system to securely remediate mold from indoor environments like your house and company. We start by using a totally free consultation either over the phone or face to face with a qualified and educated service technician. We want to discover both the origin of the moisture factor in addition to wipe out the mold spores hiding out anywhere in your house or company. Our technicians show up with moisture meters and can examine and assess the damage done and get you a cost quote within 24 hrs or less.

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Our mold removal procedure provides precise mold removal for any part of your home or office. Pure Maintenance provides mold removal for homes and businesses in Portland Oregon. We use the Pure Maintenance patented dry fog innovation that permits us to eradicate harmful mold from essentially any building.

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Worried you have mold in your house? In need of some mold testing and inspection to figure out if you need mold removal? It’s not an unheard of house issue, especially on walls, in attics, basements, or crawl spaces where you might have a tough time keeping dampness under control. Particularly in Portland, Oregon which averages 39 inches of rain annually, keeping dampness under control to stop mold is a huge issue.

Pure Maintenance, services a 20 mile radius around Portland, Oregon. We recognize the ins and outs of how to eliminate mold and go through the remediation procedure to guarantee your house is safe for you and your family. Or if you are requiring commercial services, we also have substantial experience with mold removal and remediation for business residential or commercial properties.

Where is there mold in your house?

The professionals at Pure Maintenance will thoroughly check all locations of your house or building, including your attic, basement, and crawl space. As a part of the inspection, we will also take into account dampness levels, which can show where mold might be a issue and need to be treated, even if it isn’t visible.

Our extensive mold removal procedure consists of:

Mold Testing
If mold is visible, testing to make sure a compound is in fact mold is normally not essential. Nevertheless, if signs of mold are present, or there are locations that are found to have actually increased dampness levels, testing can be helpful to find spores and confirm the presence of mold. Air quality testing to evaluate just how much mold is in the air compared to the exterior is essential to determine your house’s level of threat.

Mold Removal & Remediation
The professionals at Pure Maintenance take unbelievable care in removing mold from your house or commercial building and also takes remediation steps for prevention. As appealing as it may be to handle mold removal yourself, the procedure needs skilled devices and knowledge of the scenario to prevent problems to both structure and body, so we extremely suggest calling us to handle the procedure.

When removing the mold, terrific care is taken to treat and scrape all visible mold far from the affected surface areas (Ex. Walls, exposed beams, baseboards). Different surface areas need various treatment techniques though, which is why the professional knowledge that Pure Maintenance provides is essential. For example, simply scraping wood beams clear of the mold is most likely insufficient because of the permeable nature of wood. Mold can often work its method under the surface area, and chemicals are then needed to treat the issue.

Kinds of Mold
When most people think about mold, they just picture black mold which is the most common kind of mold. Nevertheless, there is also the kind of mold that grows and on food and air conditioning systems and a green-like mold that you tend to discover on the back of toilets or painted surface areas. This latter kind of mold is non-toxic, but for numerous, it will set off allergy-like signs such as eye irritation, rashes, and a sore throat.

There are also outside molds that are orange or red; nevertheless, this kind is safe to people.

How Well Does Mold Grow In Portland, Oregon?

Unfortunately, our climate is perfect for mold to grow and thrive. Mold can grow on nearly any surface area, so it is crucial to be proactive about mold prevention and treatment.

Below is a list of some locations where you must watch for mold growth

  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Flood vulnerable locations
  • Eves
  • Window sills
  • Floorings
  • Anywhere water or dampness collects

Even if you are vigilant, mold can go undetected for quite sometime. It can even be growing under or behind surface areas (like behind wallpaper, or under carpet or floorboards, for example) making it tough to find. That is why we suggest routine mold assessments by an knowledgeable expert.

If you are currently seeing or smelling mold, then it might have currently been developing for a while. Delaying treatment of a mold issue can cause the issue to end up being much more substantial and pricey, and it can even be a major health concern– specifically if there is black or poisonous mold present!

How Do I Know If I Have Black Mold?
It is almost impossible to identify black mold by sight. This is since there are numerous species of mold that are black in color, but not of the poisonous variety. This is why you need a professional inspection.

Our local technicians have years of experience determining and removing poisonous mold. If you have actually had current flooding or water damage, or if you see or smell mold, or if you have not had a current inspection … please call us right away!

We provide:

  • No responsibility inspection
  • Emergency situation response
  • Expert mold removal & remediation
  • Black mold removal
  • Water & mold damage services

Don’t take the risk of possibly living with black mold in your house. Some signs of extended direct exposure to poisonous mold are:

  • Breathing or lung related issues
  • Allergies or inexplicable allergies – coughing, sneezing, and so on
  • Irritation of the eyes, nose, throat or skin.
  • Uncommon tiredness or headaches that won’t disappear.

Can you clean up mold yourself?

The location of the mold plays a significant role in how to clean it up. For example, you will need to utilize various tools depending upon the location of the mold. Though you can clean mold by yourself, it is a dangerous undertaking and not something we suggest. When you scrub mold, it launches mold particles into the air, which you might inhale. To prevent this, it is always better to select a professional cleanup group to help you with mold contamination. A professional cleanup group will ensure your house is safe from mold spores while they tidy up.

What is the best product to kill mold?

You can acquire items particularly developed for killing mold or you can utilize items that you have currently lying around your house. Nevertheless, it’s finest to get the mold checked initially to see the level of the damage and to ensure the mold you have isn’t black mold. Usually, pre-made items will cost you a little bit more, but the cost might deserve the investment depending upon how major your mold contamination is. Nevertheless, major mold contaminations need extra attention. In numerous situations, mold will come back if not handled correctly. This is why we suggest leaving mold cleanup to the professionals. We can ensure your mold problems do not keep returning after cleaning up.

Could I utilize bleach or vinegar to kill mold?

When it comes to mold, not all contaminations are the same. Some contaminations contaminate far past the surface area you can see mold while others are simple surface area contaminations. To decide whether bleach or mold is the best product for eliminating mold contamination, you need to remember of the surface area the contamination is on. For contaminations on permeable locations like wood, vinegar is best to kill mold while the bleach is better for harder surface areas. Though you can utilize these items to kill mold, there is no other way to understand if you have actually eliminated the source of the mold. A professional mold remediation group can help you clean mold and ensure it never comes back by locating the cause of mold growth.

Do I need a mold inspection?

Opportunities are if you have not ever had a mold inspection, you need one. Many people believe their homes are free from mold, but this often is not the case. If you reside in an older house, there is a great chance that there is mold growing somewhere unseen in the crawlspace or even the sheathing of your house. Nevertheless, even contemporary homes aren’t safe from mold contamination. Lots of contractors attempt their finest to ensure mold doesn’t grow in their buildings, but it is impossible for homes to remain mold-free without taking really extensive measures. A mold remediation group can find mold inside your house, even if it is not visible.

Here is a big issue with mold and why it can be so hard to remove. We all identify with mold on a visual scale. Unfortunately what we see visually is only part of the issue. Mold spores are tiny in size. They resemble the size of germs. They can accumulate in indoor environments relatively quickly to unhealthy levels without even being visible. When you see visible mold, it has actually currently been growing and spreading spores. When mold is treated, disrupted and even dry’s out, it also spores out attempting to stay alive and spread out.

This is why traditional mold removal containment is so essential. Which if you are just cleaning up and treating a restricted location. It absolutely is essential but by the time this normally happens, its far too late and mold spores have actually usually traveled out of the location even before containment being set up and is all over the interior environment. Another location where mold is often found but hard to find is under and in carpeting. When a flood occurs, or something damp is spilled on the carpet but not dried out fast enough its a great opportunity for mold to thrive.

Often the pad will get wet and remain wet feeding the mold for days or weeks even through the carpet feels dry. Regular steam cleaning of carpets can also be a moisture factor to a mold issue. The warm steam can permeate the carpet too deep and remain wet in the pad once again. Carpet is our homes greatest filter. When the carpet gets wet through to the pad, the pad can remain wet and there you have a bed of dormant mold spores simply anticipating moisture to start to thrive.

Classic places to look for apparent noticeable mold are Attics, crawl spaces, window sills, restroom grout and caulking and ceilings. Inside washing machines, behind and under kitchen area sinks. Unfortunately these are the areas that most people are restricted to without the assistance of screening or possible demo of property materials. This is why we provide a totally free examination to help look for visual mold, discuss and educate our customers about mold and its complexity and offer screening when there isn’t sufficient visible evidence but inexplicable signs and symptoms are present.

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Pure Maintenance was more than mold removal, they understood the need for improving the attic ventilation and provided services above and beyond mold treatment. Jason explained the life cycle of mold and mold spores and his fog treatment is the best!

William Hill

Pure Maintenance, in partnership with Rescom Restoration, in order to provide a more complete remediation and restoration for your home or business.

I HIGHLY recommend Pure Maintenance. They did a wonderful job diagnosing and treating my sister’s home. They were extremely knowledgeable about their field, friendly, and they gave us lots of information about how to deal with a mold problem in the future.

Richard Smith

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